Milwaukee Museum of Art

In practicing photography for the past twenty-six years, I've worked to develop a vision for the photography of which I'm most passionate -- buildings, sculpture, and nature. The other work I practice, product, portrait, and fine are, complement my core and initial interests. For capturing images, I use digital, film, and alternative processes -- horses for courses depending on the need. For film, I shoot various formats including 35mm, 6X7, 6X6, 6X9, 4X5, and some uncommon formats, too. I combine medium- and large-format work with alternative processes.

Most of my work is to learn, enjoy, and grow intellectually. I will do contract work, though, and provide competitive rates. My professional work specializes in marketing-related imagery. With almost a decade in marketing and client capture strategy, I've learned how good imagery supports good text and good marketing content. My work provides substantial negative space to accommodate text, level planes that facilitate layout and reproduction, and -- importantly -- visual interest to capture and hold client interest.

You can e-mail me to find out my rates for architectural, sculptural, product, artwork, fine art, or alternative process photography. Please describe your time frame and needs as my calendar is often filled a few months in advance.